Why ‘101’?

The number ‘101’ (pronounced ‘one-oh-one’) is often used to refer to an introductory course, or a collection of elementary materials to a topic. This website contains introductory guidance on all things human factors and so the web address ‘humanfactors101’ seemed appropriate.

I’ve been working in the area of human factors for over 30 years (it’s still flavour-of-the-month after all this time) and I wanted to provide some guidance for those of you who are relatively new to the subject. There’s a huge amount of material available and so the aim of this website is to provide an overview of human factors and related subjects, such as work psychology.

To do this, I’ve taken a topic-based approach, providing a separate page for key human factors topics. I’m also compiling the human factors learnings from several major incidents across different industries. On the home page you’ll find my thoughts on a wide range of issues relating to human and organisational factors, ergonomics, psychology and safety.

This website aims to help improve how human factors are addressed in all safety-critical industries and complex systems, such as oil, gas, chemicals, mining, nuclear, rail, aviation, healthcare and finance. The links to further information may be industry-specific, but you are encouraged to review their relevance to your industry.

I hope that you find humanfactors101.com useful,


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